Update on Merger

We have received approval from the Missouri Division of Credit Unions and NCUA to merge with River Region Credit Union. The overwhelming support of our membership and this final regulatory approval will allow us to continue working internally to finalize the merger. Members will be notified when we reach a point in this process that will affect their day to day interaction. This is expected sometime in early summer 2016.

Our members are sure to benefit from the merger of these two, healthy, well-capitalized credit unions. It will have enhance our physical locations, and your access both online and in branches.   See Frequently Asked Questions

ATM Reminder

The ATM Kiosk at Highway Patrol and MoDot will be decommissioned the 3rd week of February. These machines are not upgradeable to Windows 10 software and will no longer be functional after that week.

ATM Alert

We have been made aware that an ATM Skimmer was in Columbia, MO. Skimmers are “false readers” that collect the magnetic information on your card and others can collect the PIN information through an overlay over the PIN pad. Always be very cautious and aware when using an ATM. If you see anything out of the ordinary or suspicious, do not use the machine and report it to the financial institution immediately!! Trust your instincts, if something doesn’t seem right, go to a different ATM and watch your accounts!!   Remote Deposit Capture – IS HERE!!!!! Depositing a check into your CU account is as easy as: 1. SIGN (endorsment must include “Remote Deposit Capture” and your signature) 2. SNAP picture of the front & back of the check with your smartphone 3. SUBMIT To register: Go to FFCU App, sign on to Mobile Banking (if not set up, sign into your Home Banking and then click “Mobile Banking Setup” tab), click Remote Deposit, download the DeposZip App, accept the End User Agreement, then submit. You will receive an email stating that your registration will process within 1 business day and then a second email once your registration is complete. Qualifications and Registration will apply. Contact Member Services with questions or for more help!!!! Click Here for Remote Deposit Capture Frequently Asked Questions


If you are planning on travelling, please contact the credit union. We will put a memo on your account with your travel dates and destinations (for international travel, we will need each country that you will be visiting) so that your debit card is not restricted during your travel dates. The Fraud Protection on our debit cards may flag your account as suspicious usage because of your travels. If we are aware of your general travel plans, we can make sure that your account is not restricted.